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For Victor Cozzone, Giving Back to the Community is Key

September 19, 2018
Above all else, Victor Cozzone believes that giving back to his community is one of the most important things to do. He believes people who are successful have a solemn duty to demonstrate appreciation for everything they have received throughout the course of a life and he is determined to do just that. That would explain why he is so passionate about doing all he can to help those who are less fortunate. For example, Victor has served his Pennsylvania community as a volunteer baseball coach for teams in the Lionville Youth Baseball Association.

In addition to that work, Victor Cozzone also has been a volunteer member of the board of the Mission to Educate Children with Autism at Downington High School for more than a decade. He has also played a critical role in helping fund programs in Chester County that provide poor residents with funding to help them pay heating bills during those cold Pennsylvania winters. Besides helping raise money, Victor Cozzone also donated lots of money and helped to create another program designed to get them the money they need even faster.